Whether buying your first home, vacation home, investment property or retirement property, you need to be protected. In this red hot housing market, brokers, salespeople, lenders and inspectors are more concerned with quantity over quality. They want signatures on contracts immediately. Threats of “bidding wars” or “mystery buyers” waiting in the wings, interest rate changes and other seemingly time pressing tactics make buyers quickly sign a contract they are locked into with ever adding, changing, deleting and modifying the “seller friendly” contract. The bank attorney or lender closing attorney DOES NOT work for you.  They are not concerned with your interests or protections. They will even have you sign a document (at the very end) telling you this!  When you LawyerUp we will be the buffer between you and the circus sideshow that comes with your purchase. We will protect you, negotiate for you and be your voice.




You’ve hired a broker, put your lifelong investment on the market, received an offer and accepted it. Then you’re handed a purchase and sales agreement that your broker is trying to get you to sign after the buyer’s attorneys have inspected, dissected, re-worded and added a dizzying array of addendums, riders, clauses that protect the sellers in everything from giving them unfettered access to your property, to repairs, alterations, improvements and updates they expect YOU to pay for. Between disclosures, waivers, laws, regulations, contingencies and other paperwork, your small 3 page P&S Agreement has grown into a 40 page, buyer friendly, monster that “needs to be signed now”!  When you LawyerUp.  We will include language in clauses and Addendums/Riders that protect your family and has YOUR interests in mind. We will be your voice in negotiations and get you the most for the sale of your investment with the least risk.  You worked hard and long to give your family a house to call home. Let us take the time to protect that investment.


“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”
-Mark Twain

“Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing.”
-John Stuart Mill, English philosopher and economist

“A lawyers time and advice are his stock in trade”
-Abraham Lincoln