Motor vehicle collisions, slip & fall injuries and dog bites are the areas of tort negligence we specialize in. Each deserves its own finesse in navigating the hefty bills, insurance companies, document demands, investigators, adjusters and endless paperwork that will be mailed to you. When you LawyerUp we will make sure the correct company pays the correct bill, that you are reimbursed for copays and lost wages and when the doctors, therapists and nurses are finished fixing you physically and mentally, we will be well into our fight to fix you financially by securing a settlement, judgment or award that compensates you for what was lost due to the event. Our team of trial attorneys will guide your decision to accept a settlement or move forward to trial by explaining the pros and cons of each in these layman’s terms that you can easily understand. Dollars and cents, timeframes involved and probabilities of success.

*Please note that as has been our firm’s policy since 1989, this office does not accept Police Brutality cases or file suit against a Police Department, individual officer or unit.


Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”
-Cormac McCarthy

“To entitle a plaintiff to maintain an action, it is necessary to shew a breach of some legal duty due from the defendant to the plaintiff.”
Erie, C.J., Cox v. Burbidge (1863), 13 C. B. (N. S.) 436.

“Head injuries are a significant risk to accelerated cognitive decline.”
-Steven Magee