When facing their own mortality people seem to focus on the big things rather than the little ones. The tangible rather than the virtual. When you LawyerUp we will draft your Last Will to include all your wishes from asset distribution, beneficiary designation (who gets what from where) and intentional omission (leaving a person out) to which funeral home you desire. Whether you want to be buried or cremated; What cemetery you want for your final resting place; Special instructions for your ashes following cremation; and any special bequests of sentimental pieces (rings, watches, baseball cards, vehicles, firearms, golf clubs, tools, art, etc.)

Our modern approach to an ancient document will incorporate all your “digital assets” which is a relatively new area of property you control. Facebook, Instagram, Apple Clouds, Android Clouds, Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Myspace, Musically, Fortnight, LinkedIn, Monster, Email Accts, Reddit Accts, Message boards, Chatrooms, Websites, Cyber banking, Cryptocurrency and many other aspects of our lives are in cyberspace. Our photos, accounts, mail, passwords, files, documents are no longer just tangible objects but now exist virtually as well. These types of “property” will need to be addressed in order to preserve access and control by your Executor to enable proper dispersal by him or her.


We strongly recommend executing a Healthcare Proxy, to nominate a certain person to act on their behalf for medical decision making. This document takes away any guilt or sibling resentment when there is a differing of opinions on a course of treatment or termination of life. The Proxy is stating what YOU want done, not what THEY want.


A Power of Attorney which authorizes a designated person to sign documents, checks, contracts, collect rents, buy or sell real estate, perform general banking and cyber-banking and other financial transactions is a powerful but necessary document. Only a trustworthy person should be designated and empowered to act and sign on your behalf.




“Tomorrow is promised to no one.”
NFL Great Walter Payton


“I give to my good, faithful servant Burwell

his freedom, and the sum of three hundred

Dollars to buy necessaries to commence his

Trade of painter and glazier, or to use

otherwise as he pleases.”

-a clause in the Will of Thomas Jefferson


“You have only to see what became of my

father’s Will immediately after his death,

and the Wills of so many other Kings.

I know it well; but nevertheless, they have

wished it; they gave me no rest nor repose,

no calm until it was done.”

Louis XIV


*Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek and

inventor of the noble quote “to boldly go where

no man has gone before” made certain to maintain

that statement long after his passing.  His Last Will

and Testament included instructions to have his

ashes scattered via a space satellite orbiting earth.

The act was carried out in 1997.