Daniel F. Affsa, Esq. and Christopher Affsa, Esq., father and son and owners of MassLawyerUp.net have made Jackson Square in East Weymouth, Massachusetts their office and base of operations for over 35 years.  Our client base is both local and regional and our representation of our clients has taken us to almost every courthouse in eastern and central Massachusetts.  Whether representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits or representing defendants in criminal cases;  Whether District Court or U.S. District Court;  Whether arrested by local and State Police or Indicted by the Feds and D.H.S.;  Whether going up against greedy insurance companies and their adjuster agents or gigantic insurance defense firms with their deep pockets…we will represent our clients who were injured as a result of another’s negligence from 1st Notice of Claim to Jury award; We will defend our clients against the “machine” that is the Criminal Justice System from arraignment to verdict to ensure fairness and a voice in a forum that is intimidating to other lawyers who lack the trial experience, swagger and stage presence that Chris and Dan possess.